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Amy Brogan

Amy Brogan is a highly qualified Coach, Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor with certifications in both contemporary (STOTT) and comprehensive classical Pilates methodologies. Throughout her career, she has been associated with some of London’s most esteemed studios and gyms. Prior to founding A Body Forever, Amy held the position of Pilates MOD and Senior Trainer at E by Equinox in London while simultaneously managing her own private one-on-one training business.

Initially, Amy’s ambition was to establish her own studio. However, when the pandemic struck, she adapted her vision, charting a new course to develop a distinctive digital wellness platform that embodies her training philosophy, ethos, and style.

Having witnessed the transformative power of combining Personal Training (gym-based strength workouts) with Pilates at E by Equinox, Amy integrated these methods into her own regimen, experiencing a profound shift in her mindset and physical well-being.

A Body Forever (ABF) is the culmination of these insights. More than a mere fitness platform, ABF represents a lifestyle, mindset, and approach to living, embracing movement and health as the cornerstone of longevity. With her sights set on expanding ABF’s reach within the wellness industry, Amy envisions a comprehensive platform that caters to the holistic needs of individuals, nurturing their body, mind, and soul for a lifetime of well-being.