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Amy Brogan

Amy is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. She is versed in both contemporary Pilates (STOTT) and has her fully comprehensive classical Pilates qualification as well. Amy has worked at some of the most prestigious studios and gyms across London. Before ABF, Amy worked at E by Equinox in London as the Pilates MOD and Senior Trainer as well as running her own private 1:1 business on the side.


Amy’s dream was always to open a studio but when the pandemic hit her dream turned to a new path and she took the necessary steps to create a unique fitness platform reflective of how she trains, her ethos and style.


After working at E by Equinox, Amy saw how many people benefited from the combination of Personal Training (gym-based workouts) and Pilates. Amy herself combines these two methods and saw a massive change in her mindset and body as a result.


ABF, A Body Forever, is a result of this. It is more than a fitness platform, it is a way of life, a way of thinking and a way of living. A place for anyone, no matter the shape or size, to come, to learn and to move because movement, armed with knowledge, is the key to longevity and life. Amy plans to take ABF into the wellness world and transform it into an all-encompassing platform that offers everything you need to have A Body (mind & soul) Forever.