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Amy Brogan

Amy Brogan is a multidisciplinary Coach, specialising in strength, mobility, core and end to end health and well being. She draws influence from many methods including yoga, callisthenics, weight lifting and dance. Her foundations stem from Personal Training (Strength & Conditioning) and Pilates with certifications in both contemporary Pilates (STOTT) and classical Pilates (Full Certification). Throughout her career, she has been associated with some of London’s most esteemed studios and gyms and has been in the industry for over a decade. Prior to founding A Body Forever, Amy was the Pilates Manager at E by Equinox in St James London, but left to start ABF in 2021. Amy now runs her in person and online business out of UNTIL (London). She has a team of instructors that help her run A Body Forever in both aspects. Anytime, anywhere, across all platforms.