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Total body HIIT class, 3 rounds of 7 exercises, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Even though it is only 30 minutes we guarantee you will be sweating at the end. HIIT is so important for our cardiovascular health. Doing workouts like this enables us to sustain other workouts for longer periods of time. We suggest at least 1 HIIT workout, if not more, a week.

Paired workouts are usually a suggested fusion of both methods or an extension of the workout you have just completed.

Body: Dan 

What it works: Total Body 

How much room they need: 1 mat

Tips: If you feel like you want to work harder do 4 rounds instead of 3. If you want to make it easier to 2 instead of 3. Make the workout your own. 






15-30 min


Latex band, sliders