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PT Blast : Posterior Chain


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A great introduction into strength training. Working with low reps – 8-10 for 3 rounds but you can always do more if you choose. Little finisher at the end, 3 exercises on repeat using different rep ranges for 4 minutes. Strength training is really important to your overall health. Even though we love Pilates it is not enough on it’s own. You need dedicated strength workouts in your routine to blend with Pilates to build a foundation that can take you through.


Equipment Needed : Two sets Of Dumbbells (medium + heavy) + Long Resistance Bands (for pulling)


Paired workouts are usually a suggested fusion of both methods or an extension of the workout you have just completed.

Body: Deena 

What it works: Posterior chain – which means, the back half of the body

How much room they need:  One mat

Tips: If you want to work harder, move faster and do more reps, go heavier on the weights

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great way to start!

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really good beginner workout... i need to get fit






29 Minutes