HIIT : Working In Blocks


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This HIIT workout is a killer. Block after block with little rest. This workout is perfect to get your body moving, the blood pumping and your body sweating. HIIT is great for the cardiovascular system. Incorporating HIIT into your workouts makes your overall fitness levels better and enables you to push through in other workouts. It increases your workout endurance and lung capacity. Cross training is the best way to train so don’t forget to check out our paired workouts after this.

Paired workouts are usually a suggested fusion of both methods or an extension of the workout you have just completed.

What it works: Total Body

How much room they need: One Mat

Tips: There are a lot of blocks and they are quite long so please be mindful of your form. Form is everything. You can choose your pace. Dan moves very fast but you don’t have to match him if you are not able. Make the workout your own. However if you can match him – go for it.

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38 Minutes


No Equipment