Yasmin Jones Sheahan

Having danced from a young age, Yasmin started her teaching career at University where she taught Street/Hip Hop. After graduating, she began taking regular Reformer Pilates classes and felt the benefits and changes within her body after the first session. This led her to complete her teacher training in Mat and Reformer Pilates and shortly after, to specialise in Pre and Post-Natal Exercise. Ever since she has taught Reformer Pilates at multiple fitness studios across London and now, also offers online Mat Pilates.


Yasmin draws inspiration from all types of movement. She often mixes up her workouts to broaden her ideas and bring as much variety to her classes as possible. She regularly attends dance classes for exercise inspiration across the different planes of motion for a functional workout. Yasmin also utilises social media platforms, drawing inspiration from other bodies and trainers across the world.


Yasmin enjoys helping others regain control of their bodies. She plans to continue teaching, deepen her knowledge in physical fitness, and eventually open her own Pilates studio.