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Pilates Flow : Non Stop


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Non stop, this class is definitely one for those of us that want to work extra hard. A total body workout flowing from one move to the next this class may leave you sweatier than JJ. Using a range of equipment to keep you on your toes and challenge the body even further you will finish the class a satisfied customer. This class is a mash up between contemporary and fitness pilates with lunges, planks and your more traditional moves like the roll over. Enjoy the variation and get ready to work.


Equipment Needed : Pilates Ring, Sliders + Thick Fabric Resistance Bands

Paired workouts are usually a suggested fusion of both methods or an extension of the workout you have just completed.

What it works: Total Body 

How much room they need: 2 mats

Tips: Please listen to your body, as always, regress when you need to, progress when you need to. If you are choosing to do this class it means you have been practising for a while. You know your body.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Based on 1 reviews


5 out of 5 stars

Great work out. Some new moves for me, a little challenging, but can feel the difference already. Feeling energised!!

Leah Jennings

Leah Jennings






42 Minutes