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PT Blast : Repetition Equals Strength


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The art of repetition will always lead to results. The best thing about this class is that you can tailor it to your level. Poppy moves at a good pace so don’t go too heavy but you can see what you are able to manage when you get into exercises. Simon has programmed simple moves that target the lower body to tone and build strength


Equipment Needed : Two sets Of Dumbbells (medium + heavy) + Thick Fabric Resistance Bands

Paired workouts are usually a suggested fusion of both methods or an extension of the workout you have just completed.

Body: Poppy

What it works: Lower body 

How much room they need: 1 mat

Tips: There are 4 rounds of each set and Poppy moves quite fast so we suggest going a bit lighter and moving faster working at a more endurance pace.

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42 Minutes