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JJ Tindale

Born and raised in London, JJ grew up with a passion for drama, eventually studying performing arts and earning a first-class honours in contemporary dance and ballet. After university JJ gained certifications as a PT, Pilates instructor and Nutrition specialist. As a result he has worked at some of the most reputable studios and gym in London within group fitness and one to one training.


In his sessions you can expect to see creative yet effective bodyweight training, powerful dumbbell complex’s and intricate core work, all with a strong focus on alignment.


JJ recognises the importance of moving the spine and body through all planes of movement. JJ also believes effective training should connect the body, mind and breath.


JJ became a trainer as he wanted to help others gain the confidence to hit the gym and be armed with the right knowledge to train in the right way to get the best results.  As a competitive cheerleader and multidisciplined specialist, JJ will push you to reach your full potential and encourage you to level up with every session.  All served, of course, with high energy and a pinch of sass.