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Chiara Becuti

Chiara is a Pilates instructor and ex-dancer for the RAD, with nine years of experience in the fitness industry. Chiara is a freelance Pilates instructor who teaches all over London. Previously, Chiara managed Fly LDN and Flow LDN, a popular fitness boutique chain, as well as working for Equinox in Kensington for three years. 


Chiara is comprehensively trained in the classical Pilates method, with Gratz, but she also loves to explore new contemporary sequences and experiment with movement.


Her method draws inspiration from the discipline and technicality of classical dance, where her journey with movement started and continued for 18 years. Chiara believes that movement and exercise have to be understood in the body before it can be fun and entertaining, but she will throw a cheeky, awkward joke into every class.


As a kid, Chiara dreamt of a job that would make her smile first thing in the morning, and she is now living this dream. Chiara’s life aspiration is to have a beautiful family with kids and pasta on the table every day. She is Italian, after all.