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Deena Pierce

Deena is a level 3 Personal Trainer and Pre/Post Natal specialist. She has also worked for a reputable performance center with a specific focus on Speed, Agility, and Strength & Conditioning. A few years ago when Deena moved to London, she was drawn back to her roots and started teaching indoor running classes again.


She also teaches group fitness classes across London focusing on HIIT & Functional Strength. Her inspiration is drawn from the incredible fitness community she is lucky to be a part of. Deena is constantly learning and is forever motivated to be the best she can be in all that she does. Her end goal is to start up her own organisation that caters to children in underprivileged communities, with a specific focus on sport development.


Being able to teach classes and learn from the best in the industry is not only arming her with the right training tools to achieve this goal but also allowing her to shed light on her vision and inspire anyone who might need that extra push. Deena feels truly grateful to wake up every day and do what she loves.