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Tereza Halova

Sport and fitness have always been a big part of Tereza’s life, with her father (who to this day is her biggest inspiration) being an athletics coach, she grew up with sport, it was and still is her life. Tereza competed in athletics whilst at college, played basketball for many years, and has been participating in winter sports since she was three years old – skiing + cross-country skiing and snowboarding as well, she is also a snowboarding instructor. Tereza loves hiking and generally being outdoors and connecting with nature. Especially deep in the forest and up in the mountains. She used to go hiking all the time when she was growing up with her parents. She didn’t always love it then though. All of these experiences have had a massive influence on Tereza’s life; it taught her discipline, courage, the importance of physical activity, and the positive impact it has on your everyday life.


Personal training seemed like a natural progression for Tereza. She studied at the Australian College of Sport and Fitness in Sydney, Australia, as well as at Future Fit in London, UK.  She is a fully qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, as well as being qualified in Pre and Postnatal training. Most recently she became qualified as a Pain Free Performance Specialist. This course is run by Dr. John Russin and the principles of this have now become the key component of every single session she does with her clients.


Tereza loves to move and wants to help others discover the beautiful relationship with movement, whilst also helping them become more functional and pain-free.