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Mind + Body : Intro + Practice 6


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How to release the lack-based beliefs to adopt an abundance based mindset

Did you know that physical issues surrounding your pelvis might be energetically associated with your ability to lack-based beliefs to invite abundance into your life? A lack-based belief, also known as a scarcity mindset is when you think that you will never have enough; not enough time, not enough money, love, success, etc. There is an insatiable hunger that drives you to race towards an imaginary finish line, and this pressure is not healthy over time. In today’s discussion, you are invited to tap into your relationship with your story of ‘enough-ness’. Tune in and unblock all that is keeping you from stepping fully into a truly abundance mindset.



Music Credit: Breathwork Beats #5 by Touek, The 7 Healers Vol. 2 – Sacral Chakra by Narek Mirzaei

Now that you’ve completed the practice. Here are some optional journaling prompts to help you reflect and go a little deeper. In your journal, please contemplate and write about the following:

1) What was the pelvic movement and breath practice like for you? Exciting? Challenging?

2) Without judgment, are your tendencies in your decision-making and relationships in life, more on the lines of indulgence or denial?

3) When you traveled back in time, what did you discover about your relationship with your perception of ‘enough-ness’? What did your younger self truly want?

4) Did you find any comfort/peace in reclaiming your younger self? What did that feel like in the body?

Paired workouts are usually a suggested fusion of both methods or an extension of the workout you have just completed.

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