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Mind + Body : Intro + Practice 4


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How to diffuse anger and transform it into motivation

Anger is a powerful energy that can either tear worlds apart or be used as a motivating force to build something new and exciting. In today’s lesson, discover how you relate to anger? And is it possible to hone your anger for your benefit?



Music Credit: Love and Healing Frequency 528 Hz by Zen Meditation Music, Shamanic Drums Ceremony in 432 Hz by Ford, Deep Alpha Binaural Beats by Music Mind Magic

Now that you’ve completed the practice, here are some optional journaling prompts to help you reflect and go a little deeper. In your journal, please contemplate and write about the following:

1) What did you choose to work on today (the situation in your life that is currently bringing up frustration or anger)?

2) While you were doing the bioenergetic bouncing of the legs, what were you experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally?

2) What insights did you gain from the anger process? And what steps will you now take in improving the situation you chose in question 1?

Paired workouts are usually a suggested fusion of both methods or an extension of the workout you have just completed.

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