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What our customers say

  • “Huge thank you to Amy and ABF for the incredible experience. The ABF Mind + Body programme was unparalleled to any comparable online programme / platform I have used. In only four weeks, the balance between workouts and meditation practices helped me see real results both physically and mentally. Having the 1-1 consultations with Amy helped me feel supported throughout the experience and ensured the programme was perfectly tailored to my needs. It also helped me feel accountable to stick to the programme I committed to, which helped me create new habits, so that by week four it had become a fixed part of my routine. I had tried meditation multiple times before and always given up, but this time was different because Johnson's practices really helped me tap into something deeper and allowed me to learn more about myself every time I revisited a practice. Overall the experience was hugely positive and I could not recommend it more.”


  • “I have totally enjoyed my journey on ABF so far. For so long I have struggled to commit to good daily habits and making myself accountable when I want to give up. Having the program is helping me to build on this and slowly make a change. I’m loving the fusion of fitness, pilates and meditation all in the same space and the website is easy to navigate as well, along with the wonderful, experienced and knowledgeable Amy who is there to encourage and be your personal cheer leader…..thank you. This is now my journey to keep building on.”


  • “Committing to ABF has really helped me create some healthy new habits. I’ve seen how easy and beneficial it is to include a short daily meditation in my life. I have realised that scheduling my workouts just as I would any other meeting or appointment is critical to stay on track and that a healthy body requires a healthy mind - the two are inexplicably linked. I highly recommend this personalised programme!”


  • “A bespoke program makes starting easy. The great workouts keep me coming back and the meditations hold the whole thing, including myself, together. My body feels stronger within one week, my mind more centred and with the choice of shorter sessions there is no reason to put it off. For years I’ve been trying to “find the time” for meditation. This gets me meditating everyday. A little each day is better than once in a blue moon. Really accessible, and yet challenging in all the right ways. Thank you!”


  • “I have absolutely enjoyed the ABF Mind + Body programme as someone that struggles with getting motivated and selecting what workouts are best for me and my body. I found Amy’s mentoring approach and consultations breaking those barriers and streamlining my thought process. I loved the honesty and realistic approach to my goals. I know my journey has just started but it has put me on the right track to getting where I would like to be. Thank you so much for your expertise.”


  • “As someone with limited pilates experience and absolutely no meditation/mindfulness experience, this was a big journey for me. Initially I found certain elements of the programme a challenge, but it all became easier with time and repetition. The guidance from Amy was invaluable and the meditation videos are now a big part of my daily routine. Strongly recommend it if you're looking to positively change your physical and mental health but are unsure where to begin.”


  • “The ABF Mind + Body programme is helping me create better habits and to be more conscious of the link between my body and mind. I am already feeling stronger from the bespoke programme and Amy’s mentoring. She really listened during the 1:1 consultation and provided a programme that was easy to implement into my lifestyle but that also addressed my needs & concerns. The meditation programme compliments the exercise programme and is really accessible, especially for someone with limited prior meditation experience.”


  • “The ABF Mind + Body programme was like nothing I've done before because it highlighted the importance of both physical and mental strength. The classes selected for me ensured I was challenging my body, and the regular meditations were easy to work into my day and provided that much needed moment for just 'being.' Having a program created for me felt very personalised and it motivated me to create new habits, set goals and focus on my overall sense of wellbeing.”


  • “The exercise was great, having the programme meant there were no decisions to make when it came to choosing a workout. I really liked the kit we had so I could come home, go straight to my mat and be done within 45 minutes. It made it really easy to integrate more exercise into my life. As a complete newbie to meditation Amy gave me some basic starting points to practise mindfulness on a daily basis and I now feel like I could start incorporating regular meditation sessions now I have a grip on the basics.”


  • “The 1-1 mentoring session meant I was given a plan tailored to suit my needs and helped me to set goals for the coming weeks and encourage myself to explore new habits. Throughout the programme I was offered support and was able to provide feedback to further tailor the plan where things needed tweaking. The programme has not only helped me to improve my physical wellbeing but to realise the importance of the mind on this journey. With a range of workouts and meditations available on-demand, I was able to fit the programme around my current commitments and adapt as and when required.”


  • “ABF Mind + Body has introduced me to new exercises and meditation techniques that I can incorporate into my daily routine. The workouts and meditations remain challenging, even after one month of practice. I feel I am developing my technique and gaining strength. The platform is super easy to navigate, and the overall message is one of body acceptance and overall health and longevity, as opposed to purely surface motivation.”


  • “The ABF Mind + Body programme has been a fantastic way for me to get back into a healthier routine, restart exercise after a long break and get focused on forming better habits for my mental and physical health. The 1:1 mentoring with Amy was so helpful, she helped me to stay committed to the programme and gave sensible and easy suggestions for implementing the workouts, meditations and healthy eating choices into my busy schedule. Now, 4 weeks in, I feel really happy with my progress so far, and I have noticed a real difference in my energy levels and general sense of wellbeing”


  • “The ABF workouts are great, easy to follow but suitably challenging and short enough to fit into your lunch break or before/after work. I really felt like I was working quite hard, but the trainers gave clear instructions and were super motivational. The meditations provided the perfect chance to calm my mind either after a workout, or just whenever I had a stressful moment in my day. I think that the combination of body and mind in this programme, helps you to stay focused, on track, and motivated to make even more healthy choices in other parts of your life too. I am really excited to continue my journey with ABF and would not hesitate to recommend this programme to anyone!”


  • “I really enjoyed the ABF programme. I'm completely new to Pilates and didn't think I would be able to do some of the workouts and I actually surprised myself. It was great to start to feel my core improve and realise I have great balance. The online website is so easy to navigate and I liked I could also pick and choose ones that suited me most, the music is fab and the instructors are brilliant, you really feel like your doing a live class 1 to 1 with them, highly recommended to anyone who needs to make a change.”


  • “I’ve been using ABF Mind + Body for over a month now, doing three workouts a week and three meditations. As a working mum with a toddler I have been wanting to find a way to incorporate exercise into my life in a more regular way and have finally managed to do so. The flexibility to workout when and where I find the time is key to this, as well as the variety of classes, so there is always an option to suit my mood and energy level. I was completely new to mediation and it was not initially what interested me about the ABF method, but I tried it on Amy’s recommendation and it immediately became something I looked forward to doing. Johnson’s sessions are insightful and really relaxing, but most importantly they helped me move through doubts I had about being able to create new habits and stick to my routine. Having Amy’s guidance was awesome too. She was really responsive and motivating while also being realistic about day to day challenges and that helped me keep going and focus on creating new habits. I look forward to continuing.”


Our Mission

We want to redefine what it means to be healthy by changing the way people view happiness and health.

We want to make healthy habits easy to integrate in anyone’s life and give people the tools that will enable them to stay on track and pick themselves back up when needed. We understand that life is a journey and so is this, there will be good days, there will be bad days, but no matter what, we want to build a foundation that you can always come back to which will support you throughout.

We do this by helping you get started in the right way, helping you move in the right direction and keeping you accountable.

Through bespoke programmes fusing mind + body, continuous education, tracking through your journal and our community you have the right elements to help you to succeed.

Start your journey with a
bespoke 1-2-1 consultation,
uncovering your goals,
pain-points and

  • 1


    The Consultation

    First we start with you - what you want, what you need and how you are going to get there. Schedule your 1-2-1 consultation with our professionals to uncover your intentions, and to create your 1st bespoke 6 week programme.

  • 2


    The Programme

    Your bespoke programme and classes are added to your account. You will also receive an email with additional commitments plus tips to get you started. Your programme will be a fusion of mind and body and you will do anywhere between 3-6 sessions a week depending on what you can commit to.

  • 3


    The Work

    Find your flow through movement, meditations, weekly inspirational emails, daily journaling and monthly community webinars, hosted by industry mentors and coaches. These touch points are designed to help you get strong physically and mentally whilst continuing your education.

  • 4


    The Reward

    Keep track of your progress with weekly rewards, incentives and end of programme check-ins. Our trilogy reward system is a simple points system to keep you striving and enable you to work towards your goals.

  • 5


    The Goal

    Every 6 weeks you will have a mini 1-2-1 consultation bringing a new programme tailored to your needs and where you are at. Find balance by creating healthy habits that last a lifetime. Habits that will give you the foundation to create a routine that you don’t have to think about.

    Your investment and what's included

    A Body Forever is much more than fitness, it's about connection, community and growth. It's about changing the narrative.

    • £39

      Rolling Membership

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    • £35

      6 Month Membership

      Includes ABF travel pack when you first purchase

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      12 Month Membership

      Includes ABF travel pack when you first purchase

    “It takes 21 days to start a habit. 12 weeks to find a groove. 6 months to lock it down. 1 year to crave it. 2+ years to make it part of your identity. When you set a habit, these are your milestones”

    Brandon Dawson , Serial Entrepreneur

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