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Class Types

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Bringing Joseph Pilates straight to you, these classes are based on the original form of Pilates, Contrology, which was designed to help improve your day to day life. These workouts will strengthen you, lengthen you and educate you on the principles of Pilates. They all follow the classical repertoire and order.


The classical system has variations in repertoire and order, depending on where the instructor has been trained. However, all classical Pilates is based around the same system.



After Joseph Pilates passed away in 1967, his original method was passed down through his students. Only then did the name change to Pilates from its original name, Contrology. There have been many methods created since. All under the umbrella of Contemporary Pilates, they are each as important as one another. Contemporary Pilates is an ode to JP himself and the different teachings that have been passed down.


These classes lend themselves to different methods and teachings, all based upon Pilates and their principles with variations and modifications to offer something for everyone. Each instructor will put their own spin on things, depending on where they were trained.



Using Pilates principles as its foundation, this class is designed to take our members in many different directions.

Drawing upon movement methods such as yoga, animal flow, strength & conditioning, dance and gymnastics, we use these classes as a tool to challenge your body and push you to your limits.

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Even though Pilates is designed to lengthen and strengthen, it is always nice to stop and focus on the art of stretching.

Stretching helps us to release tension, prevent injury, calm the mind and increase energy. It also helps optimise our mobility so we can move and train more efficiently.



High-intensity interval training. Exactly that. These classes have been designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness, whilst getting your sweat on and your heart pumping.



PT at Home brings the personal trainer right to you.

Work out the way PTs would deliver private sessions. A number of exercises repeated 3-4 times with circuits of up to 3-4 rounds.

The focus is on strength & conditioning, core, mobility, agility, power, endurance and speed.



PT Blast is a 30 minute focused body-part workout.  Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time but wants to get in and get out fast, whilst working hard in the process.

Focusing on one or two groups of muscles helps to target areas of the body that need a more focused approach, to build strength and tone the body.

For those with more time, you could even do two of these classes back to back to really hone in on specific body parts.



A combination of PT and Pilates, these workouts are always 3 rounds of 3 exercises. One minute on, fifteen seconds off. After the last round, there is a Pilates core workout and then a rest.

3 blocks in each workout. Each workout has a different focus. An ABF special combining both methods to create a dynamic fast paced workout for anyone who wants to work hard.