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Negative emotions. We all experience them. It’s part of being human. However when life feels especially full on, it can be hard dealing with them on top of our never-ending to do list/looking after everyone else/work deadlines etc. Sound familiar?

Modern life allows us to ignore our emotions constantly. To live almost in a state of numbness whilst distracting ourselves with our phones, music, TV, podcasts… the list goes on. But how often do you allow yourself to sit with your emotions? Good or bad?


In fact​​ there is no such thing as a “bad” emotion. We’re taught from a very young age that we are not allowed to feel certain emotions such as anger or jealousy. But this is all part of the magical spectrum of being a human being. Life is full of ups as well as downs, and sometimes we experience all of it in the space of day. The most important thing to remember is that you are not your emotions, and ​what you feel is no​​ reflection on you as a person.


The more you start to check in with your emotions on a regular basis, the more you can be a better support for yourself and for those you care about. When you feel something negative it can be so easy just to push it away, to the bottom of the pile, to the back of your head. This is very similar to a pot of boiling water, the more you ignore it and the longer you leave it- eventually that pot of boiling water is going to cause a bit of a mess.

It’s the same with your emotions (each and every one of them). When we check in and recognise the emotion present, and do so with kindness, it starts to dissipate- and a hell of a lot quicker than when we slam the door on it.


So here are some techniques to help you when you’re finding it hard dealing with the negative emotions you’re experiencing. Go with whatever tool calls you the most, or perhaps try a combination of them all. It can also be great to find one which resonates and start to add this into your daily practises.

  •  Use Meditation as a tool to sit with yourself and notice what’s present
    • Find somewhere quiet to sit (for as long as you like and even for as little as a minute) and start to take deep breaths in and out through your nose. Breath in for a count of 3 and out for a count of 6. Ask yourself – what emotion am I feeling right now? Notice it with kindness and continue to breathe deeply. With each exhale breath, imagine that emotion slowly leaving the body.
  •  Use Guided Meditation and Breathwork as a tool to calm yourself
    • Check out our meditation videos on ABF to help bring your nervous system into a state of rest and healing. Here’s an evening meditation to help you unwind at the end of the day.
  • Journalling
    • If you’re unsure what you’re feeling or why- free writing is an amazing tool. Set a timer for 5 minutes and just start to write and see what flows out of you. It is always so surprising to see what arises and how healing it is to get things out of your head and down on paper
  • Movement
    • Emotions are often stuck energy which latch themselves onto the body. Hence why movement is so important to help shift your vibration. Tune into whatever feels right in the moment (and this could be a walk, yoga, pilates, dancing in your kitchen!)
  • Further Support
    • Therapy is an amazing tool to add alongside these practices. There used to be such a stigma around therapy, but this has started to shift massively. There are so many amazing types out there and if you’re looking for further support then check out mind.org for a wealth of information and resources.

Finally, remember to treat yourself with kindness and patience and know that this too shall pass.



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