Who Are We?

ABF is A Body Forever. A mindset, a lifestyle, a way of thinking, a way of feeling. A ritual.


Tired of outdated stereotypes and unrealistic expectations, A Body Forever aims to challenge the status quo, encourage ritualistic daily movement, and foster positive body perceptions.


With educational teaching tips and focused workouts paired with curated DJ mixes, A Body Forever offers a wide range of Pilates and fitness classes, tailored to your needs. Through this unique blend of exercises, we urge you to focus on why you’re moving, how you’re moving, and to understand the benefits of doing so.


Like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hands, ABF allows you to challenge your core, work your muscles, and enjoy some ‘me time’, without the pressure of striving for perfection. With an emphasis on education, our personal trainers encourage you to nail the basics first. We want you to understand the why and how of movement, whilst enjoying the process, and gradually changing your body perceptions. Fostering an engaged community, we focus on rituals over routines, inspiring our members to embark on a journey of self-realisation, and seeing the platform as a way of life, rather than a quick fitness fix.


A Body Forever is a welcome breath of fresh air to the fitness industry — championing people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their ability, inspiring everyone to achieve their full potential, whilst finding peace in the process.