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Monthly Intention

Every month we will set an intention so we are all working towards a similar focus. Even though everyone is walking their own path it is nice to have an aim and a plan, something you can set your sites on. You can also use it as a positive affirmation throughout your day. Intentions are a great way to keep accountability and remind yourself of what we are working towards.

Profile Picture

Please add one to your account. This is really important to create a community and bring your profile to life.

Trilogy Reward System

(large diamond shape on the right with a number/s in the middle)

The Trilogy reward system has been designed to keep you constantly striving. Based on a simple points system your tally will sit within the diamond on the right side of your dashboard. The more you do, the more points you get. 

When you sign in for the first time – your tally will be 0.

Each week of your journey – you will get:
*10 points if you get 100% of your workouts and meditations completed
*6 points for 60% and above

At the end of every programme you will get:
*20 points if you get 100% of your workouts and meditations completed
*15 points if you get 60% and above 

If you “Refer A Friend” you will get:
*If you refer a client and they sign up you automatically get 80 points.

At the end of the year we will reward the clients who have worked the hardest.


The Top Percentage Bar
This percentage bar is the % of workouts you have completed during the programme you are currently on. 

Second Bar
The next class coming up that you need to do.

Third Bar
How many classes have you completed during your time with ABF.

Fourth Bar
How many days you have been on your journey